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Feb 23, 2011 5:30pm PST
obama today emerged to call the bloodshed in libya outrageous and unacceptable. >>> and now, martha raddatz tells us more about gadhafi and his riches and his children, who seem to have their father's mercurial and extravagant ways. >> reporter: gadhafi continues the struggle to hold onto power, but it seems his own family has been out of control for decades. the hard partying, hard drinking and lavish spending of this famously fractious family has, according to u.s. dip low malts on wikileaks, provided enough dirt for a libyan soap opera. take eldest son saif, who vowed days ago his family would fight to the last bullet. he reportedly bought this $16 million mansion in london and two years ago, at a party on st. bart's another brother paid mariah carey $1 million to sing a few songs. and then he did it again. brother mutassim, libya's national security adviser, seen here with secretary of state clinton, returned to st. bart's last year and paid more than a million dollars to beyonce. all eight of gadhafi's children are believed to have benefited from billions of dollars of libya's
Feb 10, 2011 5:30pm PST
it credible. okay, thank you, christiane. and we both thought today, watching president obama, that he seemed to be expecting big news from president mubarak this morning. so, was this the news he expected? was he surprised? and what about mubarak's insistence that pressure from foreign powers is not going to move him? let's get the white house tonight reaction tonight from jake tapper. what about all of this? >> reporter: good evening, diane. i have to say, the chaos and confusion that so permeated throughout egypt made its way to the white house today. you're right, president obama seemed jubilant when he made remarks earlier today, talking about how we were witnessing history. although he did not want to get ahead of what president mubarak was going to announce. and later came the news that president mubarak was not taking president obama's advice and including opposition leaders and and he was not taking over concrete measures, lifting the emergency law immediately, as president obama has asked him to do. so, i have to say, though the white house right now is poring over mubarak and vice
Jan 31, 2011 5:30pm PST
's already under way. okay, martha. well, all of this only adds to as you know to the obama administration's high-wire. their very high diplomatic tightrope. how to stay close to an ally in a fragile part of the world and still embrace the egyptian people's call for democracy. jake tapper is at the white house tonight. what is the latest from there, jake? >> reporter: diane, the obama administration has dispatched a former ambassador, frank wisener, who was ambassador to egypt during the reagan and bush sr. years. he's on the ground there talking to egyptian officials about political reform. i asked is he there? is frank wisener there to gingerly show mubarak the door and the white house would not answer that question. >> but nonetheless have you detected a shift in tone? which direction? >> reporter: absolutely. it seems to be much more towards preparing for mubarak to leave. you hear president obama talk about an orderly transition. secretary of state clinton said the same thing on the sunday shows yesterday, an orderly transition. now, the administration says they're not talking about a
Feb 3, 2011 5:30pm PST
he say whether the obama administration has asked him to retire now? and how does he feel, does he feel betrayed by the american pressure? >> reporter: when i asked him if he felt betrayed, he sort of did a shrug and didn't answer. one way or another. but he did say that president obama was a very good man, he thought, but he didn't think that president obama understood the culture here and that if he resigned in this kind of situation immediately, then there would be chaos and he had to do it in an orderly way. >> right now, it seems the most threatening people on the streets are people who claim to be his supporters. who does he think is behind the violence? >> reporter: well, i asked him about that. people who are going and attacking the protesters in the square, using pictures of him, using signs saying "stay mubarak." and he denied that they had made any such order that their supporters should attack the protesters. he blamed agitators. he even at one point did suggest that the muslim brotherhood was behind it. but he also said to me, i am very unhappy about what i've seen in
Feb 7, 2011 5:30pm PST
from the president, get in the game. president obama telling big business to get off the piles of cash and start hiring. will it create jobs? >>> digging in. protesters in egypt begin week three in liberation square. a high-profile hero of the demonstration is set free. >>> abc news exclusive, former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, emotional, fiery. why introduce iraq after 9/11? >>> and from missing the words on the national anthem to the contest for the best ad. winners and losers at the super bowl not on the playing field. >>> good evening, and we welcome you to a new week. it was just a short walk across the street from the white house today, but for president obama it was something of a long, tricky journey two years in the making. for the first time since taking office, he spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce, the powerhouse of american business and his political adversary. he delivered an urgent message to the companies to get in the game, start spending money and hiring workers throwing down a gauntlet but also trying to build a bridge. jake tapper is at the white house. te
Feb 17, 2011 5:30pm PST
obama arrives in the bay area assembling a who's who for dinner and tech talk. >> and the bear hunt. plan for lake tahoe this fall. why critics say this may do more harm than good. >> good evening, everyone. air force one just touched down at san francisco international airport with president obama on board. >> he's in town for a dinner tonight to talk about jobs and the economy. >> abc 7 is live for us at sfo now. >> this plane touched down on time, pulled up here at quarter to 6:00. there are pictures of the president coming down. he was met by san francisco mayor ed lee and lieutenant governor newsom, and california's attorney general camela harris. they met him at the bottom of the plane. he's in town to attend a dinner at woodside. and the white house says he wants to talk high tech and green tech with some of the wealthyest people in silicon valley. leading many to believe he is connecting with his donor base. he's got a presidential campaign that will be heating up this summer and meeting with these previous donors will no doubt be part of the plan whit comes to getting reele
Feb 14, 2011 5:30pm PST
the spring or fall. >> reporter: but in his 2012 budget, president obama proposes eliminating pell grants for summer classes as well as charging more for graduate student loans. that would save the budget $89 million over 10 years. bad news for dash. >> if pell grants weren't available to me, i'd probably be taking out student loans right now and be incurring some debt. >> reporter: that's one of the tough choices president obama says his budget makes. >> if we're going to walk the walk when it comes to fiscal discipline, these kind of cuts will be negligence. >> reporter: another painful cut, $2.5 billion from a program providing home heating assistance for the poor. there are currently a record 8.9 million households seeking that assistance, a number that has gone up for the past three years. >> we need that. we can't -- we got no income as it is, so i hope they don't cut it. we need that. >> reporter: states would lose grant money for airports, water treatment plants and other infrastructure. cities and counties would lose funding for low-income housing and anti-poverty programs, and t
Feb 25, 2011 5:30pm PST
to tread carefully, almost as if president obama were a law enforcement negotiator trying to deal with a hostage taker, wanting to calmly back him down from the precipice of a rash and violent end. u.s. officials were especially alarmed on tuesday when gadhafi said, "i will die here." >> the suffering and bloodshed -- >> reporter: so, president obama did not even mention gadhafi's name in his remarks this week. he did not want to personalize the crisis and feed into gadhafi's megalomania, his view that this is a showdown between the two of them. the white house has been de-emphasizing gadhafi as much as possible. >> it's not about personalities. >> reporter: and diane, the white house and the obama administration withdrew all officials from the u.s. embassy in tripoli and they are pursuing sanctions against the libyan government, but the big fear is that there is no diplomatic measure that can be taken that will penetrate the armor of gadhafi's madness. diane? >> such a delicate set of maneuvers they have to perform. thank you, jake. >>> and with the embassy closing down, there ar
Feb 15, 2011 5:30pm PST
, hours after president obama said he wanted to work with republicans to reduce the nation's deficit, he threatened to veto a republican bill for cutting spending too much. it all illustrates just how difficult it will be to find common ground to reduce the nation's $14 trillion debt. president obama today said the republican spending cuts are too harsh. >> let's use a scalpel, let's not use a machete. >> reporter: his veto threat came on paper this evening, hours after he suggested real disagreements with house republican leaders. house republicans, as you know, want to start cutting now, cutting this year's budget. >> i think it is important to make sure that we don't try to make a series of symbolic cuts this year that could endanger the recovery. >> reporter: but the president did not issue his veto threat on camera then, as he could have. he wanted the message of the press conference to be that he's ready for an adult conversation with republicans about reducing the deficit and taking on entitlement programs. >> this is a matter of, everybody having a serious conversation about wher
Feb 18, 2011 5:30pm PST
president obama got a chance to sit down with some tech giants that we all recognized, he was asking how to create jobs. the president is toasting the tech industry in silicon valley. facebook founder mark zuckerberg there. apple's steve jobs was there. the president did visit intel today. >>> more evidence the economy in general and airline travel in particular are bouncing back. american airlines since it's recalling 200 more flight attendants who lost their jobs in recent years. earlier this month, it said it was rehiring almost 400 other attendants. and a sign of the times, 30 new hires will speak mandarin for flights to and from shanghai. >>> a little news from 93 million miles away this evening. a giant solar flare seen by a nasa observatory. an extreme ultraviolet light. the largest solar flare in four years. it happens when magnetic energy in the sun's atmosphere builds and builds and finally explodes. it can disrupt radio signals on earth but what a sight. >>> when we come back on the broadcast tonight, why this voice -- ♪ -- had so many justin bieber fans upset this week. she
Feb 14, 2011 6:30pm EST
: in his budget president obama proposing eliminating pell grants for charging more for graduate student loans that would save the budget $89 million over 10 years. bad news for dash. >> if they weren't available for me i'd probably take out student loans right now and incur cut. >> reporter: that's one of the tough choices the president says he'll make. >> if we're going to walk the walk, these kind of cuts will be necessary. >> reporter: another painful cut, $2.5 billion from a program providing home heating assistance for the poor. there are currently a record 8.9 million households seeking that assistance. a number that has gone up for the past three year. >> we need that we can't -- we got no income as it is so i hope they don't cut it. we need that. >> reporter: states would lose grant moneys for airport, water treatment plants and other infrastructure. cities and counties would lose it for low income housing anti-poverty programs and there are plans to increase taxes. the president would end the bush tax cuts for income over $200,000 a year and for those same people cut how much t
Feb 28, 2011 6:30pm EST
obama he thought he was a good man and over the years he had spoken to the u.n. and elsewhere about obama's policies and appreciated him ending the war in iraq. that's what he said about the president of the united states. diane? >> christiane, tell me more about what you felt from him sitting in the room with him, was it denial about the protesters? is someone giving him the opposite information? >> reporter: we asked over and over again, and he again and again said this was al qaeda. this was just militants. when i talked to him about benghazi, the second biggest town in the hands of the opposition, he said, no, that's not true. it's just chaos and, again, he said it was al qaeda. he again said that the demonstrations, only those doing that are on hallucinogenic drugs. >> it was a strange and riveting interview. christiane amanpour reporting from tripoli tonight. >>> when the protesters in benghazi heard what gadhafi told christiane they were stunned and outraged telling our alex marquardt in eastern libya that gadhafi is a liar and crazy. and the white house also reacted quickly
Feb 11, 2011 5:30pm PST
was a close ally of the united states, and there are very few obama administration officials that i've been able to find who are confident the next government will be as supportive, especially on that crucial issue of counter-terrorism. >> reporter: today, the president hoped egypt would be a beacon, providing a contrast to terrorism. >> egypt is the moral force of nonviolence. not terrorism. not mindless killing. but nonviolence. moral force. that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: but major questions remain about future counter-terrorism help from egypt. will egypt continue to share the information it gleans from its wide range of intelligence sources throughout the arab and muslim words? will terrorist groups be able to take root in the country? something the mubarak regime was able to beat back, often through repressive means. >> egypt has been a partner going after al qaeda. all of these things are at potentially greater risk if al qaeda can go to egypt and provide that as a platform to spread throughout the region. >> reporter: egypt has been a tremendous a
Feb 24, 2011 5:30pm PST
. president obama was briefed on the fbi's plans before they moved in to arrest him, and pierre thomas set out to learn more about the saudi arabian and his plans today. pierre? >> reporter: diane, the sources i've been talking to on the phone all day say this case is scary. exactly what they are worried about. one official said the suspect is, quote, the real deal. a bona fide threat. >> reporter: the fbi says the evidence is clear. this man, khalid aldawsari, a chemical engineering student from saudi arabia, was planning a murderous campaign. >> this guy appears to be very serious. >> reporter: the potential targets? president george w. bush's dallas home, referred to as the tyrant's house. streets in new york for possible car bombs. nuclear power plants. dams in california and colorado. backpack bombs for a dallas nightclub. and even, the fbi says, studied how to turn dolls into bombs. in his apartment, the fbi said it discovered a bomb-making factory. a hazmat suit, lab equipment, wires, clocks and chemicals used in explosive production. much of it bought online at he's only 20
Feb 1, 2011 5:30pm PST
people on the streets and leaders around the world. president obama dispatched frank wisner, former ambassador to egypt, to deliver a message directly to mubarak, suggesting that he not seek re-election. across egypt, the rallies reached a tipping point today, they called it the march of millions, a sweeping sea of people flooding into cairo's city center. and as they poured in this morning, they were in no mood to compromise. in the shadow of one of the statues of one of their greatest liberation leaders. people have been coming and going from the protests in the central square there. on this main bridge across the nile, you can see tens of thousands of people just walking. bridges became parking lots as people abandoned their cars to start walking. at times, we were almost swallowed up by the thickening crowd. some came prepared for the worst. >> i got towels for my nose. i got my will written yesterday. >> reporter: you got your will written? >> i wrote my will yesterday. if i die, i die. so what. >> reporter: but like the past several days this one ended with no violence. and mu
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)